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Authorization To Receive Text/SMS Messages

In order to comply with new regulations regarding Business to Business / Consumer communications via text/SMS, Celestial Business Solutions (CBS) is requesting that you authorize CBS to communicate with you generally via Text/SMS messaging.  We will not communicate with you with marketing material but rather simple conversations.  We will not provide your information to any other third party for any reason without your prior consent.

You may Opt-Out of these communications at any time by responding with the single word STOP to any Text/SMS message.

If you approve, please complete the form below, providing your digital signature (using your cursor to draw) and checking the box that you approve.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time at 912.921.0530.

We appreciate your trust and business.

By signing and checking the box below, you agree to receive text/sms messages from all Celestial Business Solutions (CBS) staff (all our direct dial numbers). 


You may opt out at any time in the future by responding STOP to any message from a CBS staff number.

Please wait until the request is complete.  This may take several seconds.

Thank you for authorizing Celestial Business Solutions to send text/sms messages to your business.

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