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Most of our clients are using Microsoft 365 to host their email service. In addition to email, a Microsoft 365 subscription includes several helpful tools. The tool availability is dependent on your particular subscription but most people will have the basics.  If you need access to a tool that you don't currently have, please let us know.  Most of these tools are accessible from just about every platform ... web, mobile (iOS, iPadOS, Android), desktop/laptop (windows and mac).

All of these tools are accessible from the Microsoft 365 portal at

Below are some videos that will give you an introduction to the most popular tools. You can access the YouTube channel at

If you would like more information or need help making these tools work for you business, give us a call ... 912.921.0530


Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive, is a cloud document storage system similar to DropBox, Box, Google Drive. It has the same/similar or better functions as these other services. From a user perspective and from the company view as well, OneDrive is the personal users file storage.  Files stored in OneDrive are accessible anywhere from any device.

Check out the introduction video:

To-Do Tile.png

Microsoft To-Do

The first tool we will look at is Microsoft To-Do.  This app is connected to your exchange/outlook mailbox and has a separate app that runs on all platforms.  If you like to keep to-do lists and you love marking something as done, you'll love Microsoft To-Do.

Check out the introduction video:


Microsoft OneNote

Another very helpful tool is Microsoft OneNote.  OneNote allows you to hold lots of different types of content in one place.  Again it is accessible from just about anywhere.

Check out this introduction:


Microsoft Whiteboard

Weather your are in a meeting or just need a space to sketch out an idea, Microsoft Whiteboard provides an digital space to similar to a physical whiteboard or flip chart. Again it is accessible from just about anywhere.

Check out this introduction:


Microsoft Teams

Before we get too deep in to all the other tools, the next tool is a great hub for these tools when you work with other people.  Microsoft Teams is the collaboration platform that ties most of these 365 tools together and is designed to help you work and share information with others … your Team.

Fist check out this introduction:

Then take a deeper dive with information on how to use Teams:


Microsoft Forms

I'm sure you've seen Forms everywhere, but you probably didn't know that we have Microsoft Forms platform already as part of M365.

Check out the introduction here:

You can see a quick demo of Microsoft Forms here:

MS Lists.jpg

Microsoft Lists

Next we all use lists of some sort, Microsoft Lists is a powerful tool that enables you to digitize these lists and share them with your team.

Check out an introduction here:

Get a little more insight here:

Then when you are ready to dig deeper, check out this first look:


Microsoft Planner

Working on a bigger project?  Microsoft Planner can help keep things organized.  The videos below are a little dated but it gives you the right information.  Planner & To-Do is great when integrated with Teams.

Check out the introduction here:

These guys get a little geeky but this video gives you more detail about Planner.  Again it is a little dated but the information is good.  Check out the video here:


Microsoft Bookings

When you have to coordinating scheduling of an event or you want to give your clients a way of scheduling or booking your services, consider Microsoft Bookings. You can create many different booking "books" for various different circumstances. 


Check out the introduction here:

For help getting started view here:



Microsoft Stream

Wish you had a YouTube platform for you company?  Check out Microsoft Stream, a complete video hosting platform. 


Check out the introduction here:


Microsoft SharePoint Online

Finally, most of these apps run on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.  You've seen this platform because your Intranet runs on SharePoint Online. SharePoint is a highly robust content management system. 


Microsoft 365

There are a number of other tools available but these are the most popular and would be the most useful.  You can see all your Microsoft 365 apps at


Microsoft 365 Training Site

You can find more training opportunities on these and many other Microsoft products, including the desktop suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) at the Microsoft 365 Training site.


Microsoft Virtual Workshops and Training

Work better with an instructor led environment, then check out the Microsoft Virtual Workshops and Training Site.  Here you can register for live (but virtual) training on a number of different products geared to your role.

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