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Your Company's Personal IT Department

Celestial Business Solutions has been providing a full range of IT services, including network infrastructure, hardware, software and cloud-based phone solutions, to businesses in the greater Savannah area since 1999.

Planning or upgrading a network can be a costly mistake if the wrong choices are made, so why not let Celestial Business Solutions help make the right choices for your business? Our team can develop a tailored infrastructure plan to meet your needs and future growth.

Most small to medium-sized businesses can’t justify a full-time employee to manage their technology, so it becomes a part-time job for an existing staff member. Without proper experience in planning and oversight, managing the technology over time becomes a very chaotic and reactive process that is generally very expensive and unpredictable.

Let CBS manage your business technology needs for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a single person.  As your managed service provider, we can ...

  • Perform proactive scheduled maintenance

  • Reduce data loss

  • Improve productivity

  • Plan for the future

  • Control and monitor internet usage

  • Secure your network and data

  • Reduce expensive downtime


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